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Education Outings

Children attending CHinK Academy hardly leave Mtwapa, so educational visits are arranged by trustees.  This entails hiring transport from other schools, deciding where each class goes according to children's age, organizing food, booking venues etc.

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Likoni Ferry is a ferry service across the Kilindini Harbour, serving the Kenyan city of Mombasa between the Mombasa island side and the mainland suburb of Likoni.

Visit to Fort Jesus, Mombasa

UNESCO World Heritage Centre

100_9935 Stephanie  LIons

CHinK Academy pupils were invited into the bank in Mtwapa by the bank manager, for a special tour.  They had never been inside a bank.

vasco 5

Standards 4,5 and 6 from CHinK academy, visiting the Vasco da Gama Pillar near Malindi which is said to be one of the oldest European monuments in Africa and built in 1498.  The students were well educated on the pillars history by the guide.

vasco 4 Vasco 2 Vasco 3 Jumba Ruins 2 gede gedi

Outing  to Gede National Monument.  It traces its origin to the 12th century.  Rebuilt with new walls in 15/16th century.  It includes a Mosque, Palace and houses

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A visit to the forest before visiting the Vasco da Gama Pillar and afterwards enjoying their time on Malindi beach

School Outing Outings

Pictured below are baby, PP1 & PP2 classes, children aged up to age 6.  They are on a trip to Haller Park and although the children are young, it is never too early for them to learn about orphaned animals.  Haller Park is a Nature Park Sanctury for plants and animals.  The children were given a talk, tailored to their age group, about the park and had the chance to see animals in their natural environment.  Especially of interest was feeding time, being able to see the crocdiles and hippos being fed and a bonus was feeding the  giraffe.

Another educational outing for CHinK students was a visit to the old Victorian train station.

A first time journey on a train was enjoyed by the students, who discovered the history of railways in Kenya.