Dedicated to helping and educating CHildren in Kenya

Registered Charity 1122874



We need to find sponsors for children in CHink Academy


£20.00 per month sponsorship will provide a child with:

- Education

- A school uniform

- Exercise, text books and pens

- Shoes

- Medical help

- 2 meals per day, which consist of porridge in the morning and beans and rice at lunch time.

A donation of £20.00 will buy a desk.  The desks include a plaque incorporating the sponsors name.


The delivery of the desks made by local craftsmen. Different size desks are needed for each classroom

At present, the charity has a contract with a doctor at the local clinic who is treating the children for minor ailments

However sponsorship for any major or medical care is needed

Evone needed an operation to rectify her right eye.



Our Objectives

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DSCF3421 SDC12219

Jiggers -painful infection caused by walking barefoot

desk 3 dental




Regular eye and dental checks are included in the sponsorship

Stephanie Stephanie

Stephanie who contacted Menangitus and Malaria as a young girl, was having difficulty walking and controlling her left leg. She was taken to Port Reitz District Hospital Mombasa, which operates as a mental institute, children's hospital and proshetics centre. later she was fitted with a leg brace and special shoe. A vital part of the brace had to be ordered from Nairobi.  Eventually she could walk with the aid of a crutch. After years of treatment she is fit and well.  Fund raising events were held to raise money for the proceedures and operations.

stephanie 5

First uniform


Measuring for cast at Port Reitz Hospital

Receiving food from the feeding program with Rachel - Trustee

Standard 1 Baby Class