Dedicated to helping and educating CHildren in Kenya

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The Long Journey ...



Cooking/Kitchen Area


Inside the Classroom


Afternoon Siesta in the Church Hall


Derelict Classrooms

A holiday in Kenya in 1992, brought us, to Bamburi, where our journey began.  We encounter a whirlwind of emotions on our first trip. It broke our hearts to walk hand in hand with the orphans, saying so many times ‘Jambo’ (hello) then watching them leave a small school, seeing  them disappear into the bush, knowing that they were going home to lonely houses, some with no parents.


This moving experience started us on our long journey.  We wanted to do something for the children who were living in extreme poverty and decided on our return to UK, to try to find sponsors for the orphaned children, to help with education, health and food.


After visiting a small nursery school in Mwtapa, we were approached by the head mistress Grace, who asked if we could help with sponsoring any of the poor children in Karibuni School.  We took photos of 6 most needful children and told Grace we would try our hardest to find sponsors. On returning to the UK, we spoke to family members and friends and managed to get all 6 children sponsored.


Coffee mornings, sales of cakes, jam, bric-a-brac, books etc and other fund raising events were held to raise money towards books mattresses and school uniforms. On returning to Kenya and visiting Grace to tell her these 6 children were now sponsored, she asked if we could try to find sponsors for another 40 poor children.  





Picture 022 Kitchen

 ... This Was Just The Beginning

sleeping 2 House James Kasin


Typical Kenyan house where the children

who attend CHinK Academy live


Orphan James - His home washed away by the heavy rains

logo 2 James Kasin