Our Objectives

We need to find sponsors for the 206 children in CHinK Academy. At £20.00 per month, sponsorship will provide a child with:

  • education, including regular trips to places of interest for all age groups during trustee visits.
  • a school uniform
  • exercise books and pens
  • shoes
  • medical help
  • 2 meals per day, which consist of porridge in the morning and beans and rice at lunch time

There are some children who have started school late at the age of 10, so these late starters will be in the same class as the 3 year olds’ nursery class. As the children have 2 meals a day whilst at school, some sponsors will send extra money for gifts at Christmas, or their birthdays. Most of the children prefer food.

We now only take children from very poor and needy families. These children start their educational journey at 4 years of age and stay at CHinK Academy until they reach high school age – 12 years


At present, we have a contract with a doctor at the local clinic who is treating the children for minor ailments. We do, however, need sponsorship for any major or specialised medical care.


  • The school tracksuits
  • These were sponsored by donations and some of the charities supporters


  • School children had a new football kit
  • Sponsored by Jenny Summers and her friend


  • Since 2023 the school has introduced a childrens graduation ceremony


  • The children singing and dancing on their way to their graduation